Generating a Script

  1. Select options via on/off switches
  2. Choose any advanced options or customisations you want
  3. Click the generate button
  4. Your script will now be generated, this may take a few moments.
  5. Follow installation instructions shown when generation is completed.

What are dependencies?

These are required by other pieces of software to function correctly. You should make sure you select all needed dependencies as they are not automatically installed.

Starting and stopping your Minecraft Server

  • First make sure you are in the installation directory of your Minecraft Server
  • Start your server with mark2 start
  • Start your server with mark2 stop

See more here:

How do I know the scripts are safe?

You should never run random scripts without first checking the source code. It's easy to check the source code of any script generated by Simple Server Setup. Simply download it and open it in your favourite text editor

Scripts generated by Simple Server Setup are not inherently malicious. However be warned as the advanced options contain open text fields which could contain anything, even something malicious! So avoid running scripts generated by people you do not trust.

This final year project has passed the ethical review in place at the University of Sussex

Where are my site files located?


How do I access phpMyAdmin/phpMiniAdmin & Adminer

By default it will be your server IP. If you entered a domain it will be the domain you entered. For security reasons I recommend you don't use your IP or limit who can access it using allow & deny in Nginx.